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Welcome to the New Hotness :

It's a (Very) Lucky (and Grand) Guide to Macau, Taipa and Cotai Strip Casinos

Welcome to - A Lucky Guide to Macau, Taipa and Cotai Strip Casinos

Please allow me to welcome you to and more specifically the first feature article posted here. Those who have been following the pre-site launch trip blog are probably expecting more dense, long winded prose about the proper placement of light switches in a hotel room. Or maybe you're looking for some information about a secret project that nobody in the mainstream press has the nads to do a bunch of research about. Possibly, you're looking for the most detailed and comical hotel reviews that you're probably going to find anywhere on the internet.

If you said yes to any or all of the above, you've come to the right place.

But before we plow forth with our signature ramblings, I would like to take a quick little break to thank the many people behind the pixels and code who have helped make MacauTripping, and all of our other sites possible. Mrs. Mo, business partner, foodie beyond compare and my smarter half. She is responsible for many of the undertakings of our team as well as being a pillar of confidence when we periodically get dealt a bad hand. Hank, who has provided technical expertise during the gestation of our sites that initially got the ball rolling and points us to newer and greater heights. TD and ElDu both of whom have lended their expertise in the field of user interface design, and should take most of the credit for any compliments we may receive. Ismail, who continually inspires (and debugs) our work in process code base, and has helped us institute advanced methodologies and best practices for PHP, database design, javascript and a whole host of other goodies. Filarobski, yet another programming whiz who has helped us optimize database queries, sped up the site rendering and been a great source of knowledge and humor as we toil away at this stuff. D-Machine who provides wondrous critiques of our hotel reviews and has shown us the true meaning 'hotel fancier'. Mr. & Mrs. Jackpots who have provided inspiration by being perennial Vegas travel partners and soothsayers of the slots. Captain for looking great sitting on the bed in all the hotel review photos. Cookums for looking great all the time. Office pooch Maxine Credits, who always has to go outside to take a leak when I'm right in the middle of some important part of a project, and last but certainly not least, Boodarski, the cat who provided the steaming pile of turd that I stepped in this morning with my bare feet. Thank you all for every piece of wonder and genius that you have shared (other than the previously stated cat poop).

I apologize that this post isn't jam packed with details about traveling to Macau or stuffed to the gills with nitpicky information about some obscure construction project that is mired in tons of speculation and few details. But I thought this would be as good a time as any to give some props to the people who keep this joint afloat. They're the ones with the big brains, I'm the one with the big mouth.

So, without further adieu... allow me to welcome you to the new hotness...

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first post!

I had a lot of fun following the tripping blog while you were in Macau and am delighted to see that the trip has resulted in such a well researched and organized site.

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