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About MacauTripping

We love 'casinos.' We love the culture, the lights, the history, the vibes, the gaming, the party... basically the whole shebang. We truly feel that there is nothing in the world more fun than throwing the dice at your local gamblin' joint.

Ok, there is something more fun... getting on a plane and flying to China to do it there!

Why We Do This

We do this for a number of reasons... first because we love it, second because the internet needs a virtual community for casino lovers to get quality entertaining information to help them better enjoy their casino experience.

How You Can Help

The easiest way you can help is by bookmarking this site, posting ratings and reviews, sharing it with your casino loving friends and patronizing our advertisers. Server bandwidth costs can be mighty large, and visiting advertisers sites, making reservations, signing up for email lists, buying some T-shirts or other goodies helps us pay our bills.